The Apprentice

The perfect test of time management, leadership, delegation, and all-out hilarity, this team building program begins with our version of “The Donald”, as he welcomes the teams to the competition. He briefly explains that each team will choose from a series of “Rookie Tasks” and “Mentor Tasks”, each worth different point values. The teams will elect Project Managers who are responsible for choosing the tasks best suited for the team, delegating duties to team members, and overseeing the completion of each particular task.

Teams will be scored depending on the number of “Outside Participants” they can convince to join their team during each task. In addition to the “Outsiders”, every team member must also participate in each task. Tasks may include forming a human pyramid on a street corner, getting as many people as possible wearing green hats in an Irish pub singing “Danny Boy”, or getting strangers to play “Duck-Duck-Goose” with a policeman.

To receive credit, each team must document their tasks on video cameras that we provide. After approximately two and a half hours, the teams will meet at a designated location (usually a restaurant for lunch or dinner). While the teams are enjoying a meal, “The Donald” and his assistants will play the video footage of the tasks. “The Donald” will judge each team’s tape, giving the appropriate points for each task accomplished. He will also give bonus points for how creatively they were completed. The team with the most overall points will be “hired”, while the other teams will be “fired” in a comedic fashion (so as not to diminish the teambuilding nature of the event).

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