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Mission Possible

Imagine yourself in a high-energy spy hunt that puts your group right in the middle of your own movie-like adventure. The Mission can take place almost anywhere, (in a city center, a theme park, a hotel, a marina…) as long as there are a variety of interesting elements and “playing spaces” that we can incorporate into the event.

As the participants congregate at their rendezvous point, the theme from “Mission: Impossible” is playing over a sound system. An ominous voice cuts through the music, and informs the participants that they are about to embark upon their very own mission (should they choose to accept it!). Secret agents then give each team their “Mission Guidelines” along with a digital or video camera, and a packet of “clues.”

The teams will be asked to solve clues, find locations, take pictures (or shoot undercover surveillance video), compete in physical and mental “spy training” challenges… they will even be given additional points if they can effectively spy on the other teams. After two to three hours, the teams will meet at their rendezvous location (usually a restaurant or bar) to turn in their clues and photos (or videos). Points will be tallied, and the photos/videos will be viewed for the entire group, and Awards will be given to the winning team(s).

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