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Culinary Team Building

Culinary Team Building Team

What better way to build camaraderie than to prepare a meal together?! And what better way to build trust than to actually eat the food together afterward?!! Our culinary events give your group the opportunity to bake – and break bread together!

We offer a few different Culinary Team Building Activities:

Each of these activities works in relatively the same way, but with different ingredients and outcomes… At the onset the group will be asked to gather into their teams. Each team will be given a preparation area complete with a blender, bowls, cutting boards, knives, etc.

There will be other tables set up in the area with dozens of ingredients for the teams to consider and ultimately use for their recipes. Teams will be given approximately one hour to choose and use their ingredients.

Each team will also need to come up with a 30-second presentation about their creations. This presentation can be in the form of a commercial, a poster, or even a jingle. “Arts and Crafts” tables will also be set up around the area for participants to use during the presentations.

cooking team building teamEach team will be asked to make their presentation in front of the entire group. They will then cast their ballots for the best presentations. The teams will then have the opportunity to taste their competition’s culinary creations!! After all the samples have been tasted, each team will again cast their ballots, this time for the best salsa, guacamole, chili or smoothie…

Our staff will tally the scores and announce the winners in both categories (best presentation and best culinary creations)!

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