P1030397A murder has been committed. At the onset, our lead investigator will show all the teams the crime scene. He will solicit their help in solving the murder. The teams will each receive a clue to get them on their way… a strand of hair found on the victim… a fingerprint found on the countertop… a message left in a datebook… a note legible only through the use of a blacklight… a plaster mold of a footprint…

The teams will take these clues to the forensic lab for analysis, which will (if done correctly) lead them to their next clue. Over a period of a few hours, the teams will be solving the clues, examining evidence, exploring the area in a very unique way, and ultimately leading them to create a profile of their suspect.

At the end of the event, the teams’ suspect profiles will lead them to a line-up of the suspects, and the eventual accusation and arrest.

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