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Amazing Race

universal studios amazing race team buildingLike the award-winning Reality TV show, this event is a high-energy race throughout a particular area (a city center, hotel, theme park, etc.) At the onset, each team will be given their “Rules of the Road”, explaining the event and exactly what each team will need to do to score points throughout the morning or afternoon. They will also be furnished with a digital camera (or video camera) and a map of the area.

Human Pyramid Challenge Amazing Race The teams will decipher puzzles that will lead them to various locations where they will compete in mental or physical challenges. They will receive point cards for their efforts and for the order in which they completed each task. The tasks can range from relatively simple challenges like building a five foot tower with given supplies or racing through an obstacle course, to more strenuous activities like climbing up a rock wall or repelling down a cliff. The specific challenges will depend on the area chosen for the event, your budget, and your comfort level regarding the athleticism of the group (most companies steer clear of overly physical activities, but we are happy to accommodate adrenalin-junkies, too!).

Amazing race team building exercise group photoAfter two to three hours, the teams will reconvene (usually to a restaurant) with their challenge point cards and the photos/videos that were taken during the event. Photos/videos will be viewed, and the teams’ points will be tabulated, based both on the order in which they finished, as well as how each team scored on the individual activities. The winners will be announced, and prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

Please note that while this event is most often done entirely on foot, some of our clients have incorporated limousines, buses, trains, helicopters, ferries, speed boats… you name it! In short, we can get very creative if your group has a full day and a healthy budget!

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